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Affordable Solar Solutions

Founded by:  Barnhardt Construction LLC 

We provide products to make your home and business more efficient to include new roofs, windows, doors, solar systems, air conditioning, insulation, and water heaters. We are a full service company to include service and cleaning.

Here in the Southeastern United States, we’re privileged with warm sunny weather all year around, but the heat constantly increases the energy bills. If you’re relying on an electrical company for all your energy needs, that warm weather that we all know and love can become a curse.

Don’t let that happen – go solar!

The best way to offset energy costs, especially during summer hours, is solar energy. Along with the energy savings, there really is a clean, refreshing feeling in knowing you’re reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

Solar power systems produce clean, pure energy from the sun without the fluctuating cost of energy from electric companies.

We only deal with the finest solar manufacturers.

Interested in installing solar panels on your home or business? We’d like to share with you the top benefits our solar customers always rave about:

Lower Your Electric Bills or Even Completely Eliminate It

Trust us – seeing that first electric bill after your solar installation is life changing. Most of our customers see drastic reductions in their energy bills and some customers even get that sought after $0 bill other than the utility customer fee. If you live anywhere in Florida, you’re under-utilizing the days of sunshine you could be using for energy. In the spring and autumn months, when it’s still sunny but not hot enough for AC, you could even be generating enough solar energy to sell back to your energy company!

 Earn Tax Credits and Energy Credits

Most people don’t realize this, but the government and other entities will actually pay you to own solar panels. First of all, you’re entitled to a 30% federal income tax credit based on the total cost of your solar power system. You can get $9,000 back from a $30,000 solar installation!

The savings aren’t over yet! Once you add Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SRECs), you can cut your solar system’s costs in half! (SRECs can be sold to your utility company). Take advantage before solar becomes a commodity!

Save Money and Add Value from the Start

If you’re still reading this and considering installing solar panels, it’s probably because you’re tired of paying thousands of dollars in electrical bills every year. With Florida energy prices reaching 14.2 cents per kwh. we can understand why you may be looking for a way out. Solar doesn’t just free you from the grasp of electrical company billing, but it can also be a valuable investment. Solar panels add a huge bump in value to your home. Home buyers in Florida are looking for homes that are good to go when it comes to renewable energy. A home with solar panels already installed means less hassle for a new owner. In fact, real state with solar panels tends to sell much quicker when put up for sale on the market. That’s right!!

But wait….There’s even more good news!

Solar panels also serve as a protective shield for your roof as an absorptive shield from the sun’s heat. Think about it, without solar panels, all that summer heat would beat down on your roof and absorb into your home, making you spend even more on cooling costs. There’s tons of direct, as well as indirect savings from installing new solar panels

Solar Panels Save the World

Whether this concerns you or not, it’s still a factor on people’s minds. Florida is pushing for renewable energy, so acting now could benefit you and the environment. Solar panels do not produce any greenhouse gases or any other emissions and they reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. Traditional electrical companies source energy from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Fossil fuels emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere when burned, causing health and environmental issues, they are also a limited resource, meaning the price will always go up.

Renewable energy improves public health. Without the emissions from fossil fuels, you can also expect a healthier lifestyle, cheaper healthcare costs, and longevity of life.

Solar Power Also Helps Generate the Economy

The U.S., especially Florida, is leading the way in the development and adoption of clean, renewable energy. As the solar industry grows, jobs are being created, and people are saving more money.

Remember, here at Affordable Solar Solutions, we don’t just offer solar panels and renewable energy, we give you the freedom to choose your solar panels from some of the best solar manufacturers in the world. When you choose Affordable Solar Solutions, you’re helping the planet, your family, and the economy by buying American made solar panels, and helping our great country reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

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Your Company Should Get A Solar Power System

It's A No Brainer!

If your goal is energy independence, the most valuable asset is a solar electric generation system. Yes, it will help the environment making your community a better place to live, but it will also benefit your company’s bottom line. A solar power system saves your company on energy costs and provides insurance value to the company by insulating it from future energy price spikes. Solar energy for businesses locks in low, predictable rates, capitalizing on a volatile energy future.

It’s a smart business decision all around.

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About Us

Quality Solar Products Supplied, Installed, Serviced & Maintained By "Affordable Solar Solutions"

A locally owned and operated Solar PV design and installation firm based in Wesley Chapel Fl, founded by Christopher Barnhardt 

Our mission is to critically address the way that society uses and thinks about energy.

Affordable Solar Solutions is a leader in residential and commercial installation in Florida. Focused on seeking solutions to the world energy crisis through education and system implementation. Affordable Solar Solutions believes in ensuring our clients realize the benefits of their financial investments, and that they move forward confident in their path to energy independence, with a humanitarian outlook and a fresh perspective, passion and enthusiasm for clean energy,

Affordable Solar Solutions drive is to create a healthier environment echoes in every consultation and install we do. Whether you’re looking to utilize energy more efficiently or are ready to produce your own, contact us and take the first step towards a brighter future!

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Affordable Solar Solutions
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